Audio Video Systems

Audio Video Systems

Whether you’re at home or the office, EZ Cabling Solutions will help you stay connected with a range of audiovisual products. We work with only the best technology vendors to build cost-effective, user-friendly solutions tailored to your unique needs. These include:

Our mission is to provide extraordinary audio visual solutions to each client, even if it is a small installation such as a single projector and screen, complex video walls or a sophisticated, fully automated presentation system. We offer cost-effective and user-friendly solutions that are tailored to the unique needs of your space and business. Our team of trained and experienced experts will help you future-proof your business while providing the best technology that fits your needs.

We can take care of all your audio visual requirements from concept to commissioning. Please select an option below to see what specific services we can provide

  • Single projectors and screens
  • Complex video walls
  • Fully automated presentation systems
  • Switches, splitters, extenders and converters

Our team of highly trained expert technicians will help future-proof your home or business while providing the best technology available.

Residential and Home Automation

An audiovisual automation solution from EZ Cabling Solutions makes home technology simple. When you choose us as your audiovisual integration provider you can enjoy high-quality audio-video content throughout your home.
Our state-of-the-art products and solutions include:

  • THX-certified home theatre
  • Multi-room, audio-video sharing
  • Home automation control systems through easy-to-use touch screens by AMX, Crestron or RTI
  • Integration with iPads, smart phones, tablets, keypads or traditional remote controls
  • Flexible infrastructure that is scalable for years to come
  • Next-level home automation that includes your TV, music, lights, climate control, pool maintenance and garden irrigation
  • Software that has been tested and improved over many years
  • Affordable solutions to match your budget

Enjoying technology at home is made simple with an audio visual and home automation solution from EZ Cabling Solutions. We use state of the art products to create a system for your home that not only meets your needs today but provides flexible and scalable infrastructure for years to come.

When you choose us as your audio visual integration provider you’ll be able to enjoy your TV, music, and radio in its original high quality format throughout your home, whether that be on the family room, bedroom, outdoor entertaining area or in your new THX certified home theatre. All of this controlled through AMX, Crestron, or RTI touchscreens; iPads and iPhones; Android phones and tablets, traditional remote controls or keypads.

Take your audio visual integration to the next level to become a complete home automation solution. Control everything from your TVs and music to your lights, climate control, and pool maintenance; even schedule your garden’s irrigation so it only waters when your plants really need it. The possibilities are endless.

All of this technology is managed and controlled through an easy to use touch panel that has been developed, tested and improved over many years. That’s one of the things that make our Systems different; we are focused on continually improving our software so you end up with the benefits of a home automation control system with years of development but without the high costs our competitors charge.

Boardrooms, Meeting Spaces and Training Seminar Rooms

Audiovisual technology is crucial for effective communication and collaboration in the modern workplace. Whether it is client presentations, long-distance conferences, or training seminars or workshops for in-house, mobile and remote workers, solutions must be simple to use for a wide range of technical skill sets.
EZ Cabling Solutions will work with you to create a solution that meets your business requirements. These include:

  • Video conferencing for boardrooms.
  • High-definition projectors and screens strategically placed throughout the room offering attendees clear access.
  • Small training room options requiring basic presentation capabilities .
  • Large seminar room solutions with multiple projectors, dynamic configurations and a robust sound reinforcement system for crystal clear sound .
  • Easy-to-operate touch panels and keypads and simplified microphone management.
  • Effective, efficient and cost-saving presentation systems.
  • Energy and lighting control .
  • Webinar recording and archiving.
  • Customized or standardized room configurations .

Audio visual is an important part to a modern productive corporate environment, helping with the training, communication and collaboration of employees. Your solution must be functional; simple to use for a wide range of people with different levels of technical know-how; and also becomes part of the image your company portrays.

EZ Cabling Solutions will work with you to create a quality solution that meets your business’s requirements.

Small Training Rooms

A well designed projector presentation system helps your training sessions become effective and efficient, saving time, money, and the frustration of employees. Our choice of quality projectors and screens installed in considered locations will allow attendees clear view of the high definition content on the screen from all locations in the room with a sound system they don’t have to fight to hear.

Trainers’ won’t be intimidated by the technology installed by EZ Cabling Solutions as everything is made simple to understand with minimal input from the person running the presentation. At the push of a button everything in the room is setup and ready to go.

Large Seminar Rooms

As rooms become larger so does the importance for viewing large high quality video and hearing clear audio no matter where you are in the room.

EZ Cabling Solutions can provide a sound reinforcement system that will handle the most trying of situations with ease. The touch panel operated control system will make managing your microphones uncomplicated while still giving you the power to achieve what you want from the system for a particular seminar.

Seminars can be automatically recorded and archived for future playback if required, a popular option for those who integrate their video conferencing into the seminar room.

If your seminar rooms can be combined or split then we can provide a cost effective solution to meet those demands. Audio and video can be shared and configured so rooms can watch their own or another rooms content through basic settings on the touch panel or through a dividing door triggering a change in configuration.

Large Commercial Projects

EZ Cabling Solutions has many years of experience successfully delivering large commercial audiovisual projects on time and on budget.
We can provide a competitive quote or a response to tender that meets all specified requirements while highlighting any oversights in the original design that may cause future hurdles. We offer the following:

  • AMX-certified technicians and programmers.
  • Cable infrastructure, commissioning and programming of services.
  • Supporting services including video conferencing, access control and security systems and CCTV.
  • Audiovisual integration, energy management and lighting control.
  • A flexible, scalable system that meets your current needs and budget while allowing for growth and change as the project evolves.

EZ Cabling Solutions has years of experience successfully delivering large commercial audio visual projects on budget and on schedule. We will work with you to provide a quote or tender response that meets all of the specified requirements while highlighting any shortfalls or oversights in the original design that would otherwise cause unexpected and expensive headaches down the track.

We can also work directly with you to design a flexible and scalable system that meets your current requirements and budget while allowing for growth and changes as the project evolves.

On top of your audio visual requirements EZ Cabling Solutions provides supporting services including video conferencing, access control & security systems, CCTV, energy management and lighting control.